Whether you’re looking for an app to guide you safely back into shore or wanting to escape the daily grind and looking for your next holiday destination, the apps below will steer you on the right course.

  • D’ALBORA Marinas M.Y Marina
    D’ALBORA had one sole objective when designing the app – to make your time on the water as enjoyable and effortless as possible. Request dock master assistance at the push of a button, member fuel prices, marina and member notifications and live weather. Cost: $0
    D'ALBORA Marina app
  • Luxury Escapes
    Because we can dream it one day and be there the next…
    Free travel tips, guides, stays and daily inspiration. Cost: $0
    Luxury Escapes image
  • Nautical Terms – Sailing, Boating and Marine Glossary
    When you need to know the difference between an everyday block and a monkey block, this will keep your language ship-shape. Cost: $1.49
    Nautical terms app logo
  • Australian Gourmet Fast
    Brought to you by Australian Gourmet Traveller. Step off the boat and have your catch prepared in 30 minutes. Can’t get faster and fresher than that. Cost: $0 upfront – some in-app purchases.
    Australian Gourmet Fast app logo
  • Boaters Toolkit 
    Create checklists for maintenance, shopping, before you leave and when you get home. Store all your boat info such as rego, parts and accessories so its all on hand. Create rider preferences for wakeboarding and skiing. Easy access to GPS Speedometer and maps – capture all your favourite fishing and anchoring spots with one easy button. Cost: $1.49
    Boaters Toolkit
  • Marine Rescue NSW 
    Log on to the Marine Rescue app and be assured that someone has your back. Enter your journey plans, or allow tracking for added piece of mind. Marine Rescue is the NSW Governments official volunteer marine rescue organisation. Cost: $0
    Marine Rescue app logo
  • Australian Coastguard SafeTRX
    Similar to Marine Rescue, the SafeTRX allows you to plan and or track your trip so you and your family have piece of mind when out on the water. Boaters can quickly activate a “distress call” or a “request for assistance” directly from the SafeTrx App. Cost: $0
    Australian Coastguard app logo