Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP)


(This public version contains extracts from the full PIRMP – please apply in writing for copies of the full version)

1.1 Reasons for this PIRMP

The Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Amendment (Pollution Incident Response Management Plans (PIRMP) Regulation 2012 requires the holder of an Environment Protection License to have a PIRMP available on its website.

D’ALBORA Marinas operate under the following Environmental Protection Licenses:

11212 – D’ALBORA Marinas Akuna Bay
10818 – D’ALBORA Marinas Cabarita Point
11213 – D’ALBORA Marinas Nelson Bay
11214 – D’ALBORA Marinas Rushcutters Bay
11211 – D’ALBORA Marinas The Spit

If there is a risk of material harm to the environment, pollution incidents are to be notified immediately to the EPA, NSW Health. Fire & Rescue NSW, WorkCover NSW and the local council.’

1.2 Objectives of this PIRMP

This PRIMP has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of Part 5.7A of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 and the Protection of the Environment Operations (General) Amendment (Pollution Incident Response Management Plans) Regulation 2012.

The objectives of this plan are to:

  • Ensure timely and comprehensive communication about a pollution event to the Appropriate Regulatory Authority and other agencies, and to other people who may be affected by the event
  • Minimise and control the risk of a pollution incident by identifying risks and developing suitable control measures NSW PIRMP Version 1 (Website Public)
    January 2014 including September 2015 & May 2016 amendments

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Ensure the plan is properly implemented by trained staff, identify persons responsible for implementing it, and ensuring the plan is regularly tested for accuracy, currency and suitability

C. Details of preemptive action

As part of its commitment to the protection of the environment, D’ALBORA Marinas regularly engages with specialist contractors for the following services:

  • Inspection, testing and routine maintenance of underground fuel tanks and related fuel systems
  • Ground water sampling, analysis and reporting
  • Statistical Inventory Reconciliation Analysis (SIRA) monthly reporting
  • Essential Fire Safety Measures maintenance and reporting
  • Environmental, safety, and insurance related auditing. In the event of a fuel spill, leak, or other harmful incident, the Manager and employees of each Marina are trained to follow D’ALBORA Marinas’ EMERGENCY PROCEDURES and POLLUTION INCIDENT DECISION flowcharts, both of which have been designed to assist in responding to incidents of this nature, and are readily available on site.H. Contact details of relevant authorities – See section G below for all contact details. Warnings and UpdatesCommunicating with owners and occupiers of local premises and the community The Marina Manager or nominated representative of Ardent Leisure Group shall, upon becoming aware of a pollution incident or event, assess the severity of the incident with regards to impact on:
  • Boat owners, marina tenants and occupiers of local premises
  • The communityIn assessing the severity, the following questions shall be considered:
  • Does the pollution incident have the potential to affect a business, household or operation?
  • How might it affect them (short and long term)?
  • What actions need to be taken to protect them from harm?In liaison with the CEO (or other delegated person), contact will be made with affected properties/premises through a door knock and/or letter drop to provide the following information relevant to the pollution incident:
  • What has happened
  • The environmental and, or safety implications for them
  • Actions taken or being taken to minimise harm or risk
  • What to expect
  • Where additional information will be published or available*
  • Contact details for further queries or concerns NSW PIRMP Version 1 (Website Public)
    January 2014 including September 2015 & May 2016 amendments

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*Information may be published on the D’ALBORA Marinas website, Facebook page, Twitter feeds, or other social media channels as appropriate to the time.

G. Contact details for activation, notification and response

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